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Mia, the Managing Director of Flipswitch Media, specialises in video production and video marketing strategy.
With her expertise in storytelling, she knows how to create engaging and connective video content that maximises impact. With over 20 years of experience in various areas of the video industry, including behind and in front of the camera, she has always believed that storytelling is the most important asset one can possess. Mia’s strength lies in visual storytelling, and she understands that establishing a strong connection between a brand and its audience is key to building lasting relationships and increasing brand awareness.

How video will increase your products online sales

In today’s digitally dependent society, traditional brick and mortar stores no longer have a monopoly on product sales. With the rapid growth of e-commerce solutions, more products are reaching further than ever before – yet effective marketing strategies remain key to successfully engaging with an audience online.

Video can be the marketing game changer for your products! It makes them more visible; helping to boost sales and engage customers. The power of video provides you with the opportunity to create more human, connective and engaging content that leaves users wanting more.

Video content shows potential customers what your products look like in real life. While also showing how they work, how they benefit and why your product will change their life. In demonstrating how your products work in video, you provide potential customers a better understanding of what it is they would be buying. Which increases their trust in the product and of course, their likelihood of buying to be much higher.

Here’s 5 more reasons video is invaluable for your e-commerce store:

1. Video is amazing for SEO
Googles video intelligence API can now spot more elements within videos and create keywords for their algorithms. They are really prioritising video right now, so you need to make it a priority too to enjoy some free google algorithm love.

2. Video keeps users on your page for longer
Another boost for SEO is to keep people on your website for longer. 88% times longer to be exact according to Forbes. Why? Video is more entertaining!

3. Video suits more learners
Video suits visual as well as auditory learners. As highly visual creatures, we process information 60,000 times faster in visuals than in text.

4. Video leads to more conversions
As mentioned previously – there is a human element to video that is faster at building trust than anything else. Customers can visually see your product in use, and being used by other humans.

5. Video content is also versatile!
Video content is highly shareable on social media and other platforms, helping to boost your products’ visibility across more than just your Facebook page. Let’s drive people’s attention and interest more than traditional textual content.

Plus, video content provides businesses with an interesting way to differentiate products from competitors on the market. Through videos, businesses can create unique, eye-catching products that stand out from other products in their niche. Additionally, videos can give products a level of interactivity that offers customers with a more engaging and pleasurable shopping experience.

A few other tricks to help…
Transcribe your videos: create captions and build a written blog with your video. This will help google to be more accurate and be part of the more relevant searches.

Keep your videos short: videos under two minutes get the most engagement.
Optimise your videos: With titles, captions, descriptions and meta tags. Help the bots out!
Create great thumbnails: First impressions count – make the thumbnail image something everyone will want to click on it!

So what are you waiting for? Focus on creating video content that is engaging, audience focused and of course – converting customers!

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