Project Description


We will work with your team to create a tailored video strategy to build your business. Whether you are a small business or corporate we will collaborate with you and your team on the best action to take with digital content.

It’s not about forcing you to create more content and spend money unnecessarily. It’s about finding your target audience, what they like and combining content you already have (video, photos and copy) with new options. Let’s see what you already have that is working and refine, repurpose and repost.

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What happens during a consult or workshop?

  • Before we meet for the consultation, our team will:

    • Research your current businesses social media/digital channels
    • Research your industry and target audiences
  • During our consultation, the topics covered can include:

    • Strategic video planning, including topics, placement and scheduling
    • Filming and editing techniques
    • Content preparation for your target audiences’ preferred platforms
    • Mapping of relevant topics and content styles
  • Post consultation:

    • You will walk away with a better sense of your target audience, social media platforms and a strong strategy moving forward.
    • An extensive list of content topics – ready for you to create content for.
    • Confidence in filming and editing on your smartphone.
    • Your own content planner booklet for you to fill out and prepare your content
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