Project Description


Video is integral in your marketing strategy, especially as content across social media. You already know this, and you know you can create simple videos yourself.

How do you make sure you get your worth from video marketing? If you are going to take the time to create your own videos regularly, then let’s get the most out of them.

Our video marketing course will help you to connect more authentically with your audience across your chosen social media platforms. Flipswitch Media’s video marketing course is all about ensuring your videos are effective and achieve their maximum reach!

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Do you want you and your staff to look more professional and ‘on brand’ while video conferencing?

While video conferencing means less travel time, communicating and presenting yourself professionally can be a tough without some practise and thought.

It’s not just professionalism that’s in play, but also continuing to put your best foot forward as a brand. This handbook will help business owners start a conversations around their expectations in how employees conduct themselves with clients while video conferencing.

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Preparing, Creating and Posting

  • How to use video for brand awareness, communication, building trust and authority and human connection and values.

  • The versatility of video across social media and digital marketing

  • Finding your target audiences and your brand voice

  • How to create videos on your smartphone – from filming to editing all on the one device.

  • Re-purposing and using videos across all different platforms and directed to all different target audiences.

  • Content Planning – building a calendar of content! So you know exactly what you are posting, why and when.

  • Content Structure – How to structure the copy of your content for a seamless and faster delivery. No more stressing about what to say.

Improving your video conferencing

  • Finding the software or platform that suits you and your team best.

  • Ensuring your voice is clear and smooth

  • Your framing is clean and professional

  • You know how to find your best light

  • Can it be recorded and re-purposed for online use?

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