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Mia, the Managing Director of Flipswitch Media, specialises in video production and video marketing strategy.
With her expertise in storytelling, she knows how to create engaging and connective video content that maximises impact. With over 20 years of experience in various areas of the video industry, including behind and in front of the camera, she has always believed that storytelling is the most important asset one can possess. Mia’s strength lies in visual storytelling, and she understands that establishing a strong connection between a brand and its audience is key to building lasting relationships and increasing brand awareness.

Videos for Demand Generation Marketing

Business is moving from lead generation to demand generation. Marketing companies such as ‘Ask Marketing’ are moving their clients towards a different style of funnel.

Lead Generation is no longer working – goodbye free downloads. Now it’s time to be proactive, buyer-centric and aim for quality leads over quantity. This means taking the time to educate your clients and potential clients. Using the ‘give, give, give, take, give, give’ approach. Demand Generation has come about as more trust points (10 to 11) are needed before a consumer will pay attention to your business.

To be a buyer-centric, demand generation business, you will need three types of videos:

  1. Educational Video

Educational videos are focused on the information you are giving your audience. Due to this they don’t have to have a high production value. They can be informally shot with your smartphone. As long as the audio is clear of course! Educational videos are a ‘give’ to your audience, helping them to better understand a particular topic or how to do a task. It also helps you to look like an expert in your field. Not just an expert, but an open, friendly expert that they can trust. A great way to get started creating educational videos is to answer all your businesses FAQ’s. What are the questions you are asked all the time?

  1. Case Studies

If you have had success stories with past clients; share them! Case studies have many benefits. They show your audience a clear picture of your experience in problem solving their current issues. They also help a client better understand a problem or what they need created for their own business. Case studies give them clear proof that your methods work and your knowledge is sound. These type of videos can be created in many forms – set up discussions with the client, screen recording with voice over, to full animations.

  1. Behind the Scenes

A very broad term for the types of videos that show the human element behind your business. Behind the Scenes can be a fun look at the team dynamics, talk about how you work with clients, or show your process. Again, these types of videos are about building authority and trust. Within these videos, take in to account what your potential clients want to see. They want to know that you are a positive workplace, that your staff are human and that you have experience working with people just like them.

You may not see a huge amount of likes or comments, but your leads will be stronger when they first reach out to you.

In this age of marketing, know that you are playing the long game. Don’t just create one video and post everywhere, continually create the content and let it build. Over time you will be able to analyse what style of content is bringing in quality leads. Most importantly, test and measure, readjust, then go again!

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